Welcome to Ouhua Winery Holdings Limited

China Ouhua Winery Holdings Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore under the Singapore Companies Act on 12 January 2009 as a private limited company. On 30 October 2009, our Company was registered in Malaysia as a foreign company. We were subsequently converted into a public limited company on 24 November 2009 and assumed our present name, China Ouhua Winery Holdings Limited (“Ouhua”) (中国欧华庄园葡萄酒国际控股有限公司). Ouhua was incorporated and commenced business as an investment holding company to facilitate our listing on Bursa Securities Malaysia Berhad.

Presently, we have two (2) registered offices, one located in Singapore as required under Section 142 of the Singapore Companies Act and the other located in Malaysia as required under Section 333 (1) of the Malaysian Companies Act, 1965.

Yantai Fazenda Ouhua Winery Co., Ltd (“Ouhua PRC”) (烟台欧华庄园葡萄酿酒有限公司 Company No. 370600400012580) became our 95% owned subsidiary pursuant to the Restructuring Exercise carried out prior to our Initial Public Offering.

Through Ouhua PRC, we are involved in the business activities as follows:-

  • Production and distribution of our local Fazenda Ohua Winesproduced from locally sourced wine materials and grapes including grapes from our vineyards
  • Production and distribution of our International Wines which are sourced from various wine-growing regions outside the PRC
    such as France, Australia, Spain, Chile and Germany through local PRC wine material traders
  • Development of our Fazenda Ohua Wines and International Wines and the marketing of these wines throughout PRC
  • Research & Development for new and diverse offerings of wine and
  • Product design, product packaging and branding